About Vando

Vando is headquartered in Germany and is the shop for people who love cooking! We are the place-to-be online for cooks and chefs – with useful kitchen equipment, cutlery, grilling supplies and more. Our team works with kitchen-savvy engineers to come up with a line of products designed to make things easy, efficient and fun. This includes kitchen apparel as well as blogs that spell out details of how to win at the kitchen life like a pro. 

The only mission I ever had while starting this company was:

"To make the life of each and every person entering the kitchen easier and fun to cook attitude by taking away wasted time through the indigenous development of modern kitchen appliances and accessories"

Our Mission

My name is Yago and I started Vando together with my wife Sophia. Working in a starred kitchen, I had been cooking with amazing tools and wanted to develop products with the same features for everyone. So Vando was born. Over time, we became a family whose family members include some of the best chefs, nutritionists and photographers. The whole family’s sole purpose is to produce some of the best and unique food blogs that support the products that we have already launched in the market. The products and blogs when combined form a formidable force for learning, educating and easing out the cooking struggles in the everyday life of a kitchen fanatic.

Contact us and a team of professionals will come running for your assistance, be it ordering a specific product or any kitchen related issue that you need a custom solution for.